Signing Up As A PRO

A Pro's Profile Picture Guide

Imagine this: you’re a skilled Pro, eager to tackle tasks in your community. Your profile is impressive, highlighting your expertise, but there’s a catch – your profile picture is last night’s dinner. Would you trust a stranger with your home? Neither would your clients.

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Your Pro profile picture isn’t just an image; it’s your first impression, a vital element in building your business. Let’s explore what makes a compelling profile picture and why it matters:

  1. Keep it Real: 

   – Opt for a casual solo shot. Clients want to see the real you.

   – Smile naturally and look friendly – make a connection through your picture.

  1. Light Up Your Image: 

   – Natural light works wonders. Ensure it illuminates your face.

   – Your face should be bright and clear, standing out from the background.

  1. Choose a Relatable Setting: 

   – A simple backdrop is perfect; avoid busy surroundings.

   – You’re the star; don’t let a distracting background steal attention.

   – Opt for a setting that feels authentic – remember, you’re showcasing your skills in your community.

Set Up Your Profile Picture

Feeling uncertain about the photo? Seek help from a friend or use your smartphone. This isn’t about professional photography; it’s about presenting the real, approachable you. When clients see the person behind the skills, they’re more likely to choose you for the task. Because in our world, a genuine picture is worth a thousand gigs.

Becoming a Pro On Paid: A Quick Start Guide

Welcome to Paid,

where your skills meet opportunities! As a Pro, getting started is a breeze. Here’s your guide:

1. Download the Paid Pro App:  

   – Find and download the Paid Pro app from your device’s app store.

2. Create Your Professional Profile:  

   – Sign up using your email or phone number.

   – Showcase your skills, experience, and a brief introduction.

3. Activate Availability:  

   – Set your working hours and availability in the app.

   – Receive service requests directly based on your availability.

4. Receive Job Requests:  

   – Home Services Pros (e.g., painters, plumbers, cleaners) can provide quotes for their services.

   – Personal Care, Roadside, and Errands Pros have set prices for their specialized services.

5. Quote and Communicate (for Home Services):  

   – Home Services Pros respond promptly with competitive quotes.

   – Use the in-app messaging to discuss job specifics with customers.

6. Receive Job Requests (for Personal Care, Roadside, Errands):  

   – Job requests with pre-set prices will be sent to you based on your profile and availability.

   – Get notified instantly when a customer is interested in your services.

7. Get Hired:  

   – Once a customer accepts your quote or price, you’re hired!

   – Confirm job details and let the customer know you’re on the way.

8. Complete the Task:  

   – Provide top-notch service to the customer.

   – Use the “Work Complete” button when the job is done.

9. Receive Payment:  

   – Get paid securely through the app.

   – Track your earnings and payment history in the app.

10. Build Your Reputation:  

   – Encourage customers to leave reviews and ratings.

   – A strong profile with positive feedback can lead to more opportunities.

11. Manage Your Schedule:  

   – Update your availability for job requests.

   – Plan your schedule for efficient task completion.

12. Stay Connected:  

   – Ensure you’re online during your specified working hours to receive job requests.

   – Receive notifications for new job requests, messages, and payment updates.

Congratulations! You're now set to thrive as a Pro on Paid. If you ever need assistance, our support team is here to help. Happy tasking!